Where did rawtxt.digital come from?

rawtxt.digital entry #3, will be in regards to what brought on the idea behind this blog/project. It started with this post on tmo.name, and how I started "blogging" in 2002. Blogging, per se, was not a term I was comfortable with at the time. I had heard many things ABOUT blogs, but I assumed they were primarily on Salon.com (popular blogging software, back then) and that people either had to know what they were doing, or had to have some amount of money to run their blog. I didn't want to get involved with any of it. But I DID know how to publish a blog/site via FTP and use a URL from AOL Member Spaces, so that is what I did with the first "blog" I had online, which was static HTML pages (just like this project here), and I called it "O'Leary's Corner". Mostly it was just rambling that would go from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM on Friday nights, then Fridays and Saturdays, and then every single night/morning of the week. I would then share those entries to Newgrounds General forum and also AIM messages (AOL Instant Messenger), but also privately run AOL Chatrooms (the max # of people who could be in a private AOL chatroom was 34 people, I think, so I would invite 34 random people from my "friends" or "connections" list, and we'd just shoot the shit for the entire night). And I kept all this up until 2003, when I left my childhood home to attend Job Corps.

But that is how this all came about. An homage, I suppose.

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